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Fantastc news! Lyndex Tracker (Tracker) MLS test has come back N/N clear!
Linda & Deryck
Caroline wins best of breed, best puppy in breed and puppy group three at her very first all breeds open show at just 6 months old!
Linda & Deryck
Check out our new PUPPIES AVAILABLE page, this is where you will find photos of pup's for sale.
Linda & Deryck


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Message By : Susan Hammond
Date : 24th August 2020
Message : loved looking at your website, it really shows the love you have for your dogs. I had a Springer spaniel called Lucy locket many years ago.
Message By : Justine Good
Date : 24th August 2020
Message : Hello Lynda and Deryck I hope you are both well and keeping safe just to let you know we lost lyndex derby who we named Oscar on 21.8.20 just shire of his 10 th birthday we miss him terribly he bought us so much joy as a family and happiness his mum was cara he was from your biggest litter of 9 beagles
Message By : Barney George
Date : 23rd February 2019
Message : Enjoyed looking through the website today. We lost our beautiful Bliss the beagle yesterday after 10 amazing years. She was Lyndex Vapour from the V litter of 2008 and we are all heartbroken. It's lovely to see other familiar-looking beagles from the Lyndex family. Thank you for letting us share the beagle love.
Message By : Shaunie Gibbs
Date : 16th November 2017
Message : Such a lovely and very helpful web site. Me and my partner are looking to purchase a beagle puppy to complete our home and would feel confident knowing there are good breaders like yourselves who can make this happen. Can you share advice of where we can buy one or do you have any puppies left for sale?
Message By : Alana Lenzini
Date : 19th April 2017
Message : I am so looking forward to hopefully owning one of your gorgeous beagles ❤️
Message By : David and Sue Williams
Date : 14th September 2016
Message : Love the picture of Lyndex Lucy Locket, what a sweetly!
Message By : Aldemarsh
Date : 26th August 2016
Message : Congrats on puppies - that should keep you busy!!!
More papers available soon.
Love the website.
Message By : Linda Thomas
Date : 29th July 2016
Message : Lovely website, very user friendly and informative enjoyed browsing through it,looks great.
Message By : Canowindra Beagles
Date : 6th December 2010
Message : First visit to your new site - very nice and very user friendly:-)
Message By : Fiona Ravindran
Date : 22nd November 2010
Message : Looks really good guys!
Message By : Jason Player
Date : 22nd November 2010
Message : Looks marvalous xx
Message By : Annelies van Beersum
Date : 22nd November 2010
Message : What a lovely site. Well done! Like it very much.
Message By : Charlotte Ayres-Cousins
Date : 22nd November 2010
Message : Woo Hooo all up and running. Looks fantastic!!!
Message By : Adam Burrett
Date : 1st October 2010
Message : This is the new guestbook. Please leave a message.


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